Lost Rockets held their cassette release spectacular at Auckland’s Wine Cellar on Friday 11 April…  and what a spectacular it was! 

You can also check out some more photos over at Under The Radar.

Lost Rockets have been steadily climbing the bFM charts since releasing "Hundred Year Cough", hitting #3 ahead of their single release party tonight.

This morning they dropped into the bFM studio, and you can check out their dulcet tones right here.

Such cassette!  Much music!

We’ve finally dipped our toe into the Spotify pond and come up with our first ever mini-playlist: “Hell is Now Love Loves…

Perfect with a beer or two, and a stereo set to loud xo


Art by Tane Williams

Team DHDFD are about to start their tour of Japan this Friday with the mighty King Brothers!

Check out a new vid as well:

It’s finally here!


"Hundred Year Cough", the new single from Auckland trio Lost Rockets, is now available for free download here, or as a limited run cassette tape.

Saaaay whaaaaat?


That’s right, CASSETTE TAPE.

Just 100 of these bad boys will be made available, which come with the added bonus of their mighty cover of “Doom Town” (by the one and only Wipers).  Oh, AND A STICKER.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone - but you can order your very own cassingle through the Hell Is Now Love bandcamp page.

Best Wednesday news ever? WE THINK SO.


So this Friday will mark the last New Zealand show (at least for the foreseeable future) of Mason Clinic. It is a sad day for me, as they are one of my favourite bands; releasing their 2012 EP Prisoners was a personal highlight and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen them live. They are a band that will leave a large hole in the Auckland music scene. Every time I see them I can’t help but feel elated. Along with a deft musical touch and a bucketful of talent, the band have always managed to inject that most important of elements into their live set: fun.

This Friday 31st of January 2014 come join me at F Bar in Kingsland in raising a glass to a band that can legitimately be referred to as an Auckland institution. The show kicks off at 8pm and will have some great bands supporting (including another favourite of mine Mr Slackjaw). It’s a bitter-sweet moment but will surely be an amazing evening.

You can also check out their Prisoners EP below:

And the follow up Places I’ve Never Been which came out last year:

Roku Music - Collider

I know I’m in danger of becoming a propaganda mouthpiece for Sonic Masala Records here, but when their releases are this good it’s pretty much unavoidable.

The problem I have with most bands that fall under that broad and generic category “shoegaze” is that they tend to adhere too strongly to the restraints of the genre. All downward gazes, making sure to wash any semblance of excitement away in a sea of delay pedals, pale imitation that never gets close to the ear-destroying heights of You Made Me Realise.


Thankfully Roku Music offer something that transcends any of the above gripes. The band have a fine pedigree, featuring members of Tiny Spiders, Butcher Birds and the spectacularly brutal No Anchor and from personal experience their live show is killer. The new single Collider (the titular offering from their upcoming LP) is a slice of absolute genius.

The song has an edge to it amidst the waves of dreamy vocals, retaining a vibrant and driving force throughout. Each element has been carefully placed; the mixing on the track is absolute perfection. The forthcoming album has been a long time in the making and listening to Collider the care and patience put into it definitely shows. Even at 5:40 the song never seems to drag, the spaces between allowing breathing room at exactly the right moment, little bursts of fresh air amidst the fury.

I know I have already used a bunch of superlatives so far but I stand by them completely. Collider is a work of pure genius, a point of reference for how to make every element of a song work together to make something sublime.



Good news, everyone!  Auckland sonic rock trio Lost Rockets are back in the studio.

As well as a long overdue new single, ‘100 Year Cough’, the guys are recording their version of two Wipers tracks - ‘Over The Edge’ and ‘Doom Town’.  Both songs featured in a raucous set at a Wipers’ tribute night (held at the mighty Lucha Lounge earlier this month), with Martin Phillips (of fellow Auckland noise-merchants god bows to math) lending his guitaring chutzpah for the night.  Mr Phillips also plays on the recordings of both covers.

 Check out the awesome live footage of Lost Rockets covering “Doom Town” below:

‘100 Year Cough’ is due out mid-February, but in the meantime here’s some photos of the recording session in question. Huzzahs are in order!






My band just released a new video. Directed by the amazing Mikey Prain (Die! Die! Die!). You can buy a 7” or download the track free here: http://godbowstomath.bandcamp.com/album/pairs-god-bows-to-math-split-7